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At eDOT, our vision drives us: to be used by God to multiply the effectiveness of Christian ministries in Europe through the application of innovative technology. We are on a mission to make disciples in Europe by engaging with people through the lens of technology and by creating innovative solutions that advance God's Kingdom.

Our Impactful Channels of Service

Our team operates through three dynamic channels, each critical to fulfilling our vision and mission:


Software Development

From coding bespoke applications to designing intuitive websites, we develop the tools that empower ministries to reach further and connect deeper.


System Administration

Ensuring the backbone of our operations is strong, we manage and secure the networks that keep our technology reliable and effective.


Community Outreach

Bridging technology and faith, we engage tech enthusiasts across Europe, fostering conversations and communities centered on innovation and discipleship.

Skills We Cherish

We are looking for individuals passionate about using their technical skills to make a tangible difference. Whether you are skilled in coding, network management, event planning, or digital content creation, your contribution can help us:

  • Expand the reach of Christian ministries by developing and deploying cutting-edge technology solutions.
  • Foster discipleship through engaging and innovative digital experiences.
  • Build communities where technology acts as a catalyst for faith and learning.

Join Our Mission

If our vision resonates with you, and you feel called to contribute to this transformative journey, we invite you to share your skills and passion with us. Here's how you can get involved:

  • Long-term Commitments: Join our team and be at the forefront of technological innovation for the Kingdom.
  • Short-term Projects: Lend your expertise to specific initiatives that align with your skills and interests.

Your involvement with eDOT means more than just contributing your technical expertise; it's about being part of a community committed to making disciples through technology.

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Let's make tech. Let's make disciples. Your journey with eDOT starts today.

Software Dev Positions

Back-End Developer/Full-Stack Developer

  • Responsibilities: Develops the server-side logic, database management, and integration of backend services with the front end. In a smaller team, this role can be combined with the front-end developer to form a full-stack developer position.
  • Why it's essential: Ensures the app has the necessary backend infrastructure, APIs, and data management to support its features and performance requirements.

Front-End Developer

  • Responsibilities: Implements the UI/UX design using technologies like HTML, SCSS, and Angular within the Ionic framework.
  • Why it's essential: Translates designs into functional user interfaces, ensuring the app is responsive and performs well across different devices.

QA Engineer/Test Engineer

  • Responsibilities: Designs and implements tests to ensure the application is reliable, discovers bugs, and verifies that the software meets all requirements.
  • Why it's essential: Maintains the quality of the application, ensuring it is free from bugs and provides a smooth user experience.