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C2C Story App

The C2C Story App (Creation to Christ Story) is a smartphone app designed as a Gospel bridge. That is to say it’s a way to move from a secular conversation to a spiritual one. As we’re meeting people and talking with others, they often tell us their story, right? Two ways to move the conversation to more spiritual things is to either tell your story (i.e. your […]

Implementing an Online Learning Program

eDOT has developed a series of five articles that address issues organizations or ministries should answer prior to implementing an online program.

Computer Security Essentials & You

Computer Security Essentials & You Is your information really safe? Do you know the risks? This short course examines actions that you can take to increase your security while using computing devices and the Internet. The goal is to enable and equip you to be able to assess your local security situation and be able to take the appropriate steps to increase your computer security. 10 Module […]

Kutsal Kitap’in Fihristi

When a person in Turkey learns religion, they don’t read a book – not even a holy book – from front to back. Rather, religion is taught more through topics and subtopics. With this knowledge, our partners at KutsalKitap.org put together a “Fihrist” (index) of topics and subtopics mapped to relevant Bible verses. Since the preferred method of learning in Turkey is audio, the Fihrist brings up […]


As a ministry of Greater Europe Mission, eDOT develops innovative technology solutions that equip people for life in Christ so that they can reach the world with the Gospel. We are a unique team of programmers, communicators and designers, and we are all focused on assisting the church in Europe with creative discipleship, outreach, and training tools to reach people with the good news of Jesus.

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Web/App Developer
If you are excited about the creation of new applications and have the technical knowledge to create and code them, we'd love to talk with you.
eDOT is looking for programmers, designers, and other tech-minded people to join us in creating smart device apps that will enliven, encourage, and equip God’s people.
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Cairn: Building a Memorial to God

Cairn: Building a Memorial to God

eDOT is currently in development of an app [Soul Connection] designed to help people get the most out of the time they intentionally spend with God. GEM encourages every employee to take one day every six weeks or so to get away from the normal routines of life and spend time with God in whatever way they connect with Him most. Because many people aren’t […]

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Introducing: Soul Connection

Introducing: Soul Connection

In effort to care for, encourage, and spiritually develop their missionaries, Greater Europe Mission has instituted a benefit of taking a Spiritual Retreat Day once every six weeks. This is not a Sunday Sabbath (we all know church responsibilities and family/community gatherings aren’t always full of “retreat”), but an extra day of ensuring that you spend concentrated and intentional time with the Lord. But … […]

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Prayer Request: Transition

Prayer Request: Transition

We had the privilege of welcoming two interns to our team this summer, and we are so grateful for the creative energy they brought with them. Their contributions to our mission and vision are undeniable. The time has come to see them off and say goodbye, and while they will be missed, we’re eager to see what God has in store for their futures. Please […]

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