What are we Asking?

One of the most difficult steps in any survey is the creation of the survey questions. This step requires clear communication and constant referral to the objectives of the organization. In order to expedite the process we sent one of our instructional designers to BAO in Vienna, Austria to sit down with everyone involved and discuss what both sides of the partnership wanted and were able to do.

The first day of the trip was spent mostly reviewing the organization and instructional objectives and getting everyone up to speed on what eDOT and BAO were thinking. Once that process was finished we were able to begin writing the questions that would meet the criteria we had agreed on.

This process required as much time as possible in order to make sure we were asking what BAO and eDOT wanted answered in the survey. Often times survey questions are written with multiple answers, allowing the participant to give feedback in a way that doesn’t serve the purpose of the survey. In order to avoid this we had to take a look at every objective and craft each question to specifically target the objectives.

This step is important in the process of creating any survey, test, or assessment tool. Therefore we wanted to spend as much time as necessary to get the questions right before sending out the survey. With effort, we believe we have crafted a survey that will provide BAO with feedback to help them assess how to proceed with decisions about online learning. Stay tuned to learn how the survey was implemented and the analysis of the results.