We Want to Change Something, but What?

Over the next few weeks, we will be looking at a current partnership between eDOT and BAO (Biblical Training on Location). BAO approached us with a very common question a few months back. They said that some changes, in regards to technology, needed to be made in order for them to enter the 21st century. They knew that there were some educational things that they could be doing better and that a better use of technology would simplify what they do and benefit their participants as well. What they didn’t know, is what they should change.

That is where our strategic partnership started. We were brought in to help them discover what it is that they should, could and are willing to change. Before we could get started in analyzing what could and/or should change, we had to figure out what educational technology they were willing to change.

One of the key things we had to keep in mind was the mission and vision of BAO and what they wanted to know from a survey. The BAO staff first needed to analyze what they felt they were willing to change even if the survey results supported their current mode of operation. This was important, because we wanted to craft a survey for current and former BAO students in such a way that the participants are answering questions that could result in change.

Once the survey is completed, it will be presented to BAO students for their input. Based on those results, we will continue to evaluate with BAO the educational technologies that make sense for their ministry future.