Using our skills jointly. Be a part of the team.

When Neil Armstrong landed on the moon in 1969, there was much celebration in the control room in Houston, Texas. Why? Because they had put a man on the moon! That was their goal, their directive, given to them by JFK less than 10 years earlier. They shared that goal – that vision – together. It wasn’t just Neil Armstrong’s goal to go to the moon — he gathered the support of many people to make that goal happen. It was the goal of all of them. It was Armstrong’s particular skills that allowed for him to be the actual man on the moon, but he wouldn’t have gotten there if it wasn’t for the skills of each member of the team working in partnership to see the mutual vision fulfilled.

In eDOT, we have a vast array of different skills – from instructional designers to web/app developers to editors to ePub designers. With these skills in hand, we partner with workers all over Europe and beyond to see a shared vision come together. The vision of:

European people growing in a life transforming relationship with God so that they are equipped to reach the World for Christ!

Like the control room, we bring various technology & design skills to be able to partner with the likes of “Neil Armstrongs” who have location and cultural integration skills, so that together we can see the vision accomplished.

Do you have skills to add to our team? Do you have this shared vision to be a partner with us? Contact us.