Transformational Discipleship: How People Really Grow

Transformational Discipleship: How People Really Grow (Geiger, Kelley & Nation) Discipleship is neither merely a mastery of biblical information nor merely behavior modification. Discipleship is transformational: resulting in obedience. The transformation of our lives occurs through God’s work; our role is simple but necessary: to place ourselves in the posture where God is able to transform us (echoes of Dallas Willard here). Transformational discipleship will result in behavior modification as the heart of the believer is attuned to things of God. The focus of this text is to realign our discipleship with the work of Christ, the only teacher who offers transformational discipleship: by the power of the Spirit working in the lives of believers through the church. Why I liked this book:

  • This book focuses on more than surface-level adherence to a set of activities defined as “spiritual.” Rather, the focus on transformation means becoming literally “something other;” what we were originally created to be.
  • More than mastering biblical information or behavior modification, transformational discipleship aims at living as broken disciples (in heart) beneath the holiness and grace of God.