Let’s face it – most of us claim to be “technology ignorant”.  We have no problem spending hours a day on our mobile phones texting, talking, or using apps, but we don’t know what makes it all work. We’ll send emails to people and tell them “THIS IS PRIVATE!”, but who else might be reading these emails? Is our information really safe? Do we know the risks? Do we know how to make ourselves “less unsecure”?

This is an issue for everyone, as we don’t want identity theft. But for missionaries working with people groups that are … let’s say … “not enthused” with the spreading of the Gospel, their concerns are much greater. It’s not so much that they fear for themselves, but they must protect those they are ministering. This is why eDOT has been working with technology experts – people who really know how all these different pieces of technology work – to have times of education and consultation with these cross-cultural workers so they can better be prepared to communicate in more secure ways.

We have partnered with MAF to develop a basic “Computer Security Essentials & You” online course which is good for everyone including workers in sensitive areas, but also those who sit in US coffee shops using their computer.  Be sure to check it out:


Computer Security Essentials & You
10 Module Self-Paced Online Course
Topics: Security Risks, Passwords, Web Browser, Surfing Habits, Email,
Wi-Fi, Encryption, Malware/Viruses/Phishing, and Digital Security Issues