The End is Only the Beginning

The survey ends this week, but the work of a survey does not end until well after the last answer is submitted. In order to properly and promptly move forward in our partnership with BAO we have taken steps to give us a timeline that is attainable.

Sifting through raw data can be difficult to say the least so we wanted to make sure that we had clear goals to help us do that. At the same time we need our partner, BAO, to understand the difficulty as well. In order to properly give us time to analyze the data we need to be able to look at it from a variety of angles. Each angle will provide us with information that can then be put together and used as a tool for the next step, suggesting a plan.

BAO doesn’t want a bunch of raw data; they want a plan of action. That is the true end result that they are looking for, and that is the goal of our data analysis. We want to take the data, and from that, give BAO our recommendations on what should be changed and possibly when and how it should be changed as well.

The ending of the survey is just the beginning of our partnership with BAO and our work on this project.