The Beginning of a Partnership

We at eDOT are prayerfully approaching a new partnership with BAO. Here are a few words from our Instructional Designer, Jacob, regarding the first meetings of this new venture.

Last week, I traveled to Vienna, Austria to sit down with a group known as BAO (biblische ausbildung am ort). BAO is a group that provides Biblical training on location throughout the German speaking countries. Back at GEM’s annual conference in August, I was approached by my friend on the possibility that eDOT and BAO could partner together to help them expand their reach and better provide for their current students as well.

Before going on the trip we worked together on a preliminary partnership which involved the creation, distribution and analysis of a survey. The purpose of the survey is to see how technology could be used to enhance their current offerings and what they may want to consider changing in the future. We will, then, decide where this partnership will go.

The trip consisted of two very different, but equally important parts.

The first part of the trip was filled with meetings. I sat down with the director, several of the teachers, the website creator and several others to discuss the possible future uses of technology at BAO. This was a brainstorming session, where we came up with very few actual plans, but that was the point. We were discussing possibilities, while keeping in mind that without knowing what their students want (via the survey) making changes doesn’t make sense. This was very important for me, since it is my opinion that too often companies/people/organizations make changes long before they need to.

The second part of the trip, I was able to witness two of the courses  that BAO offers, taught by two different people and in two different locations. While the classes were all in German, I managed to understand most of what was going on. This wasn’t a major need in order for us to complete the current partnership, but it did allow me to better understand what it is that BAO does which will, in turn, allow me to make better recommendations in the future.

After this trip, it is good to see that both sides of the party are on the same page. The partnership has started strong, and I am looking forward to see where it goes from here.

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