Summer 2014

Summer 2014 is a time of transition for eDOT. As our projects, skillsets, and numbers increase, our excitement for the future continues to grow. But we are not without challenges and obstacles this summer, and we would deeply appreciate your prayers. Please pray for:

  • The two eDOT families that will be moving this summer (one changing apartments; one moving from the US to Southern Germany)
  • Various travels – to/from the States, to various conferences, and a first termers retreat
  • Family visits (both in the US and in Germany)
  • Unity within the team, as these events will likely delay communication

We know with these significant events happening this summer, there will also come challenges and distractions. In the midst of these life events and travels, eDOT still has a number of projects to complete and deadlines to meet. We, as a team, would greatly appreciate your prayerful support.