Strategic Guessing

From April 1st through the 6th, eDOT will be holding its annual Strategic Planning meetings here in Southern Germany. This is a time for the team to make prayerful decisions for the coming year, but it is also a time of great fellowship and encouragement.

One key difference about our meetings this year: We are calling it “Strategic Guessing.” While we still want to prayerfully “plan” as much as we can, we want to be very intentional about having an open mind regarding God’s direction for our ministry. It is our desire to be open to potential new partnerships and projects within coming year, and we want to invite the Holy Spirit to lead. So plan we will, but we also know what when God is in control, anything can happen.

In these days leading up to our Strategic Guessing meetings, would you join us in prayer? Please pray:

  • For the safety of those who are traveling in order to attend these meetings.
  • For a spirit of unity and discernment as we meet, plan, and guess.
  • That in these meetings, in the coming year, and beyond, we will bring glory to God and share the news of Jesus.