Soul Connection Features and Versions

In version 2.0 (July 2020) we have added these features:

  • Bible references in the text are now live links to connect you directly to the referenced scripture.
  • Schedule your next Soul Connection Day on your personal calendar.
  • Safe Mode, in case you are in a part of the world where it might be dangerous to access Christian material.
  • “New” and “Updated” indicators for Trails when they are added or updated.
  • Improved graphics

For improved data security this version uses different data storage technology than version 1.0.  Unfortunately, we are unable to retain your history and your personalization inventory, so you will need to re-do the Inventory.  We apologize for the inconvenience.

Direct links in the text will connect you to the YouVersion Bible mobile app if you have it installed on your device.  If not, the links will take you directly to the referenced verse(s) at the web-site.  You will always see the ESV version first, but in the app or web-site you may choose other versions and languages.

In Safe Mode the app will not access the online Soul Connection material, but will allow you to access the Trails that you downloaded (viewed) before you enabled Safe Mode.  This provides online protection if you use Soul Connection in a location that is not safe to access Christian content.  However, if you enable Safe Mode and you do not have the YouVersion Bible mobile app installed on your device, the links will go to the web-site to access the referenced verse(s).