Refugees, refugees, refugees…

-“What is eDOT doing to help the refugee crisis? What is GEM doing?”
-“Hey guys! You need to read this, and this, and this, and this… what can we do to help?!”
-“Do you see any refugees in your area of Germany?”

Comments and questions about the mass movement of refugees — these people fleeing tyranny and war zones — have made their way into our daily conversations. Conversations within our team, with our supporters, within our homes, and even in our own minds — they’ve all begun to slant toward refugees.

We as a team would like to let you know that we share your concern. As we continue to create innovative ministry solutions, we do this with the current climate in mind. Last week, we received some very exciting feedback regarding the use of the C2C Story App among refugee work:

“The C2C app is a great tool to use in sharing the gospel, with all peoples. It’s easy to use and helps equip believers to share the story of the Bible and how Jesus can bring people back to God. Having pictures to go along with the story one is sharing is extremely beneficial for those listening to the story and for the one sharing”

IMB worker focused on refugees coming into Europe

Would you pray with us? The C2C Story App is available in Arabic, and we are praying that it gets into the hands and pockets of both workers and refugees alike. These people are literally seeking new life. As we know, that is only found in Jesus Christ. Pray they find this new life in Him.