Preparing the Team

The first week with our teachers involved a lot of preparation. The teachers had received the curriculum prior to their arrival, but this was the first time they could sit down with their co-teacher, pick their activities, and figure out what they needed in order to teach the activity.

To begin the week, we talked to the teachers and gave them the general run-down of how each day would work. Every day would have a similar set-up. We’d start with the Chronicles of Narnia movie, move to the classes, teach the new vocabulary, and then practice the vocabulary. It was a little more detailed than that, but not much. We didn’t tell them what activities to teach, but instead, we gave them options between a few activities. This gives a buy-in to the teachers – a chance for them to “own” their class’ curriculum. We may have designed the whole curriculum, but they designed their own class.

As the week progressed, we helped the teachers get their resources together. A whole lot of printing and cutting ensued, and by the end of the week, they were ready. The teacher’s may not have said they were ready, but we knew they were.

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Coming 26 September – “Watching the Team”