Narnia and the Whole Team

The Narnia curriculum project started as a side project one day a week for one of eDOT’s members. Since then it has flourished and become something that the whole team is working on. In the beginning stages of the project we didn’t see it going much further than a one shot deal. We thought one curriculum would be made and we would be distributing that curriculum as a pdf through e-mail. As the project moved further we began to receive inquiries into whether more curricula would be made on the other movies as well.

After prayer and discussion we decided that a strategic partnership should be started between euroteam and eDOT. In order to make this work we needed a plan of action and here is that plan:

  • Complete 4 levels of difficulty for each of the 3 movies
  • Create ebooks for each curriculum
  • Create a website to showcase the curricula

With those three things we have included every person on our team and to see it grow like this is reassuring that we are following His plan and not our own.