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Working in a strategic partnership with the peoples of Europe, eDOT develops innovative technology solutions that equip people for life in Christ so that they can reach the world with the Gospel. Among those solutions are mobile apps, online courses, curriculum, and more. Explore and download these resources for your ministry today:

C2C Story App
Through a series of 20 powerful illustrations, the C2C Story app takes you on an interactive journey through the life and death of Jesus. The intent for this application is to visually represent biblical truths as they are shared verbally.
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Kutsal Kitap'in Fihristi
The Fihrist mobile app is an Islamic styled concordance for Turkish speakers who are seeking to discover the Bible in a topical and relevant way. This index is the only index in the Turkish language to explore life's questions through biblical verses.
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CityPrayer App

Computer Security
Essentials & You

This short course examines actions that you can take to increase your security while using computing devices and the Internet. The goal is to enable and equip you to be able to assess your local security situation and be able to take the appropriate steps to increase your computer security.
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Becoming a
Skilled Facilitator
In addition to gaining experience in an online course, we hope that you will discover and begin to practice the skills needed to facilitate online courses well.
Member Care for
Mission Leaders
We hope that you will find this course to be a valuable tool in your work with other people in a ministry context. We trust that you will enjoy learning with the other participants as you seek to minister to those people God has called you to lead.

Online Learning Program
Implementing an online learning program in a ministry requires expenditure of effort and resources. eDOT has developed a series of five articles that address issues organizations or ministries should answer prior to implementing an online program.
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Among many areas of concern on the Internet is the developing area of deepfake photos, videos, and audio; in this article we explore identifying what they are, how they are used, and the potential danger they can pose to a ministry.
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