Meeting the Team

Adventures in the Wardrobe is designed to teach English language skills through the Chronicles of Narnia video series. Follow along as we share the experience of the first class to use the program.

It had been months in the waiting. The curriculum was created specifically for this camp, and the time was now. The team was here and the curriculum was what it was. We hoped it was good enough. We hoped these teachers were ready to carry out our vision for how an English camp’s English lessons would look.

Our curriculum was designed with the inexperienced in mind. The goal is that any native English speaker could come and teach teenagers and help them improve whatever level of English they have. The week before the camp we went up to the site of the camp and met our team. This was a smaller team than we would normally like, but each level would have 2 teachers for a total of 6 teachers. Due to some complications, only 3 were there when we arrived. Two others were British and would arrive only a day or two before the camp was to start.

That shouldn’t have mattered, though … this need for flexibility was kind of the plan when we designed our curriculum. True, it would have been nice to have all of the teachers there for the week prior, but we wanted our curriculum to essentially be “plug ‘n’ play,” so we should have been all set. Should have been, but were we?

Our team consisted of 6 people between the ages of 18 and 26: 4 Americans, 2 British; 4 men, 2 women. Only one of the teachers was an actual teacher. This team was going to be a sure test of our “plug ‘n’ play” curriculum theory.

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Coming 22 September – “Preparing the Team”