Technical Systems Administrator

Long Term (3+yr) or Mid Term (1-3yr)

As a Technical Systems Administrator, your main responsibility is in the development and upkeep of several servers and infrastructure that are housed locally, in remote locations and “in the cloud.” You will need to keep software up to date and creatively design infrastructure solutions with partnerships all around Europe and North Africa. Some of the things that may be housed on the servers that you will maintain are the discipleship multiplication training endeavors, Internet evangelism, missionary training, and much more.

Education or Skills

  • Linux server system administration experience required
  • Moodle Administration preferred
  • Network/Infrastructure design preferred
  • Ability to work well with a team
  • Understanding of cloud computing preferred
  • Understanding of VPNs & Remote Access preferred

  • Various ministry backgrounds considered

  • You should possess a desire to use the skills God has given you to be part of a team that together is furthering His Kingdom using innovative technology.

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