Technical Project Manager/Volunteer Coordinator

Long Term (3+yr) or Mid Term (1-3yr)

If you are gifted at directing and delegating people, then an opportunity as a Technical Project Manager might be the right fit for you. In this position, you will largely work with volunteers to complete different pieces of technical projects. While it is useful for you to understand some technology and software development processes, being advanced in technology is not a requirement for this position. Rather, you should be able to keep projects moving, while encouraging and engaging volunteers from start to finish. A people person is a must!

Education or Skills

  • Software Project Management experience required
  • Encourager of people
  • Experience with managing volunteers required

  • Various ministry backgrounds considered

  • You should be a visionary that can see the start of a project and envision the end results. You should also be dedicated to seeing the entire process through, while empowering others to be at their best and to be as efficient as possible.

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