Instructional Design

Introducing an Instructional Design project:

eDOT has enthusiastically accepted responsibility for the development and implementation of a new curriculum aimed at immigrants in Europe. Immigrants come with cultural baggage that may hinder them from receiving the truth of the Gospel. We are excited by the opportunity that God has given this team to develop this ministry tool. We believe that this tool will be used not just in Europe, but by many mission agencies around the world.

This project will rely on eDOT’s instructional design and curriculum development skills to produce a replicable curriculum for the immigrants of Europe. Using principles drawn from the discovery Bible study process, this curriculum will focus on discipleship multiplication, in the words of Matthew 28:19-20, teaching new and “not-yet” disciples to observe and obey everything that Jesus commanded the disciples during His earthly ministry. As part of that obedience, this curriculum will seek to enable new believers to live out the words of 2 Timothy 2:2, entrusting what we have learned to others who will then be able to entrust that truth to others.

We invite you to join us in this process of instructional design. In the coming months we will write short posts walking through the steps of the ADDIE Model of Instructional Design. In each post we will discuss our progress and give insight into how a curriculum is designed from the ground up.

Prayer points:
– For God to be at work among Europeans to draw them to Himself in faith, especially among immigrant populations.
– Ability to develop reproducible methods that enable new believers among the immigrant populations of Europe to become obedient to the commands of Christ.