Hackathon Projects Unveiled!

All the #HackKandern17 participants have arrived safely in Kandern! A group of developers, designers, and technically gifted Christians have made the decision to use their skills in Germany this summer. They are about to participate in a 10-day Hackathon, during which they will work on Kingdom focused software. Read on as Jeff describes the various projects these Hackers will tackle:

What a relief! I can finally write about it! After months of planning and private conversations, the cat is finally out of the bag! Here are the projects we’ll be working on at #HackKandern17:

Fihristi 2.0
Kutsal Kitap’n Fihristi (a topical index of the Bible completely in Turkish) was first published in 2014. According to Moore’s law, technology doubles in advancement twice a year. That means our Fihristi app is at least 8 years old, and frankly, it hasn’t aged well. The audio feature doesn’t work in iOS, and the app doesn’t work at all on Android devices. It is time for a makeover and this Hackathon is the perfect place to make that happen!

Soul Connection
Our mission, Greater Europe Mission, asks us missionaries to spend a day out of every six weeks purely devoted to spending time with God. We call them Spiritual Retreat Days. The inevitable question we always ask: “What am I supposed to do on a spiritual retreat day?” eDOT’s resident pastor, Dana, has been searching for an answer to this question, and we think an app can help. His article about the genesis and purpose of Soul Connection will be posted here soon. Stay tuned!

Our team leader, Courtney, has been developing CityPrayer for a while now, and it is getting very close to going into beta testing. God has called His people to pray for God to send laborers into his harvest (Matthew 9:38). CityPrayer will connect praying people directly to the prayer needs in the harvest field. For example, say you have a heart to pray for London. In this app, if you subscribe to the London Locale, you would be notified any time a missionary in London posts a request to that Locale. When you commit to praying for it by clicking “Pray” you’ll be notified when the requester tells the story of how God answered your prayers. God gets His glory! At #HackKandern17, we’re hoping that Courtney will get the final push he needs to start our beta test program!

So, there are our projects for this year’s Hackathon! Thanks for praying for us while we work on these creative endeavors. We’ll try and give updates as the event unfolds. Hopefully, you’ll be able to start using these apps soon!