Intern Corner: The Hackathon in Review

The Hackathon has come and gone. Months of planning and anticipation are behind us. It’ll take time to digest the full impact of Hackathon Kandern and to consider what it means for the future, but one thing is for sure: the amount of work and energy that went into the Hackathon is insurmountable. Tools that, under normal circumstances, would have taken weeks or months to develop (due to having a small team, full work loads, and only so much time in a day) were completed in just a matter of days. Some of us are still processing the full level of what was completed, but enjoy Amy’s account of Hackathon Kandern 2017:

Our office made it through the Hackathon! The Hackathon was very successful, and it was an incredible experience for everyone involved. There were two mobile apps that the team was primarily working on. The Hackathon team completed one, and the second one is getting really close to being finished.

The application that was completed is the Fihristi app. Fihristi is a concordance of various topics discussed in the Bible, and it is completely in the Turkish language. When Turks study a religious text, they study it topically, so when they first receive a Bible, reading through it completely, or even through a single book is overwhelming and confusing. So this app was designed to help Turks study the Bible in their preferred learning method. The app offers a myriad of topics, and the verses can either be read or listened to through audio embedded in the app. In this app, I was not able to do too much as a graphic designer, but I was able to help do some re-formatting of logos.

The second app is the one I have been working on since I have arrived here in Germany. This app is called the Soul Connections app (previously called the Spiritual Retreat app). I have completed the graphic work on this app, and I cannot wait for you all to download the app and see it!

Thank you so much for your prayers during the Hackathon, I truly believe that it went smoothly because of the many prayers from all of you.