Giving Tuesday

As the nation puts another Thanksgiving and Black Friday weekend in the books, we shift our focus to Giving Tuesday. The Tuesday after Thanksgiving is a day of generosity; it’s a day during which hundreds of thousands of people joyfully and humbly give to a cause they believe in.
As you consider your gifts this Tuesday, we at eDOT wanted to thank you for your daily support and share with you some of our current giving needs.

Need #1
ICCM-Europe 2016 Scholarships |

ICCM-Europe is an annual event that brings ministry people from around Europe (as well as the Middle East and Africa) together to look at technology and missions. For many, this is the only chance they’ll have to get additional training, connect with others who speak “geek”, exchange ideas, solve problems and build partnerships that further God’s Kingdom using technology. eDOT is responsible for handling the finances this year, which includes raising partial scholarships. These scholarships aren’t open to just anyone, but are strategically gifted to those that we know God is leading to be at the conference and would be unable to attend otherwise.

Our goal is $115-$330 per scholarship.

Simply indicate “ICCM Scholarships” in the comments section.

Need #2
Narnia TEFL Curriculum

eDOT is working in partnership with Greater Europe Mission’s EuroTeam to develop solid Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) curriculum. This curriculum can be used by short-term teams to share the Gospel while enhancing the language skills of the people (a skill that is strongly desired). While we have the personnel working diligently, we are challenged by the expenses to be able to publish and promote the curriculum. We require software for electronic publication formats, graphic design software to make the curriculum professional looking, a website to develop, and a host of other promotional expenses. We are able to purchase the required software at a non-profit discount for $500 per year for each user, and a website for $150 per year.

Our goal is to raise $650 to cover one year of licensing and website hosting.

Simply indicate “Narnia TEFL Curriculum” in the comments section.

Need #3
Prayer App

We are currently working on a prayer app that will allow those in ministry all over the world to connect with their supporters and prayer partners in a more timely and more secure fashion. The idea here is that if I’m having a meeting with “Ahmed” at the local grocery store, I can instantly notify all my supporters who have requested it and have them praying in real time. My supporters can respond and get updates on the details of my daily ministry, and they can follow the story of Ahmed to see what God does. But all of this in a secured environment so that I jeopardize neither relational nor security issues. Additional funding of this app would help fill out the costs of developer software, testing equipment, costs for travel to interact with end users (to make sure software is being designed to meet the real needs), promotional materials like websites and other advertisements, graphic design software / app design software, Apple & Google app licensing.

Any amount would be beneficial here but we estimate a need of $5,000 to bring this to fruition.

Simply indicate “Prayer App” in the comments section.