Fihristi – Exposing God’s Truth To Turkish Muslims

When a person in Turkey learns religion, they don’t read a book – not even a holy book – from front to back. Rather, religion is taught more through topics and subtopics.

With this knowledge, our partners at put together a “Fihrist” (index) of topics and subtopics mapped to relevant Bible verses. Since the preferred method of learning in Turkey is audio, the Fihrist brings up audio recordings of the Bible verses being read in Turkish. You can see the Fihrist running on their website here.

eDOT has partnered with to develop this Fihrist into a mobile app. This Islamic styled Bible concordance app in Turkish allows users to explore what the Bible has to say about various topics through both text and audio readings of the Scriptures. This app was developed in partnership with who designed the topics and Scripture verses as well as all the languages pieces.

Here’s the impact the app is having:

eDOT took a little project idea we had to build an Islamic styled concordance for seekers to access the Bible and turned it into a beautiful cross-platform app accessible on ANY device. The app is explicitly Christian, yet is nestled among dozens of Islamic apps on iTunes and Google Play. As a pre-evangelistic tool, it is invaluable to … [].

Muslim Turks are downloading the app and, for many, it is the first time they have ever seen a presentation of Christian scriptures in a format that is intelligible to them. Several have written to us saying that such an index is helping them find answers to their questions.

A month after release, we found that Turkish speakers are curious about what the Bible has to say. The top 5 topics about which these individuals are seeking Biblical insight are:

  1. God
  2. God’s gifts/talents
  3. Family
  4. Porn
  5. Adultery

Pretty revealing. Would you pray for those that download this app? Pray that the Spirit mold those curious and open hearts to His counsel. May God bless them.

View the app on iOS and Android.