Welcome to: Exploring the Pathways

Grab your hiking boots, your journal, your camel’s hair clothes, or whatever it is you use to retreat and connect with God. If you’re not sure what you use to retreat and connect, then you’re in the right place.

The Soul Connection App is designed to help individuals discover various ways to connect and commune with God. The app will help you realize your best connection points, based on your communication preferences (your preferred ways of recognizing God in the world), as well as new connection methods to explore.

While we continue development, you are invited to join in and learn about these connection methods (called Pathways) in this blog series: Exploring the Pathways. We will highlight personal experiences from real Soul Connection users as they share how this tool helped them connect with God.

Like we said … grab your boots and get ready to explore!


Soul Connection is nearing the end of development. Sign up for updates from GEM eDOT to find out when Soul Connection is available for download from your favorite mobile app store.