Exploring the Pathways: The Meadow Path

One way many people connect with God is through nature — enjoying His creation. If this is you, Soul Connection has multiple suggestions for you to retreat and connect with God in this way. Courtney recently utilized this connection point through “The Meadow Path”, which led Him to a quiet hillside and pointed him toward scripture. Read Courtney’s experience as he connected with God in this exercise:

As I sat on the bench and slowed my heart rate from the hike up the hill, I felt a breeze envelop me. Like sitting in clothes directly out of the dryer, the wind wrapped around me and I realized that that was God’s hug greeting me for our time together this afternoon. I asked God to speak and the green grass swayed back and forth. A cow laid in the shade softly mooing. A stork swooped down finding some food. The snails were going back into their homes in the grass as the afternoon sun started to beat down. Through all of that, I was thankful to see how God provides – the recent rains had made the grass grow and be green; God gave shade to comfort the cows and the snails; the stork was able to see its food from up in the air. The Meadow Path had me look at Matthew 6:25-34, where it says that if God takes care of the birds and animals in such a magnificent way, how much more does He take care of us. But as verse 34 says, “But seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all those things will be added to you.” [ESV]

Just as He hugged me when I arrived, He continued to remind me throughout our time in that meadow that He was there with me – speaking and listening. That the God who created the whole world was spending time with me. Wow, what a feeling!




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