Exploring the Pathways: The Cross Reference Path

When Krista was asked to utilize the Soul Connection path “Cross Reference”, she happily agreed. “Cross Reference” is one of the pathways under the “Studious” path. Individuals who take the Soul Connection assessment and score high in “Studious” – meaning personal study is one of the ways in which they connect with God – they have the option to explore multiple paths of study, such as Cross Reference. Krista took a day to retreat alone with God and try it out. Enjoy the account of her experience:

“I was given the Cross Reference Path for my Spiritual Retreat Time. For my soul and connectedness with God, delving into His Word is one of my primary ways to be fed.  In the past, I have utilized Cross References a fair bit, but until picking this up again this week had forgotten how much it feeds me and impactful it is. The exercise took me through an example of looking up the cross references related to John 3:16. This verse is so familiar, sometimes overly familiar to many of us who grew up in the Church, but each cross reference really brought out a particular aspect that I had somehow diminished. For example, “that God so loved the world” took me to Ephesians 2:7, which talks about the lavishness of God through his “immeasurable riches of grace and kindness toward us”. What an encouraging reminder.

My favorite part of the path was the section titled “Reflect”. It encouraged me to focus in on what God revealed about Himself and what God revealed about me. I really took some time to journal and praise and thank God for His costly lavish love for me.”

Hearing Krista’s experience was an encouragement to us as we continue to develop this tool. The intention behind this exercise – and all other exercises within the app – is not that this experience is an end to itself, but a means to the end of a communion with God.




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