Exploring the Pathways: The Acrostic Path

Individuals using Soul Connection have an opportunity to take an assessment. The assessment offers suggestions on preferred Pathways for connecting with God (categories such as: Service, Studious, Worship, & more). Based on the assessment, a Path is recommended to the individual. The Path presents an opportunity for communion with God, taking into account how that individual best recognizes God in the world. Recently, Dana explored a suggested Path for connecting with God. Read his experience:

The Contemplative Pathway

For the Soul Connection app, I recently completed the Acrostic Path in the Contemplative Pathway. This Pathway was designed to encourage opportunities for God to converse with me by allowing me to focus on God internally, and allowing me to use images or metaphors to focus my attention on God’s communication with me.

In this path, my focus was directed to the frequency of acrostic psalms that appear in Scripture. Such an acrostic is found in Psalm 111: each “line” in the psalm begins with a successive letter of the Hebrew alphabet. The path offered the opportunity for me to develop a prayer to God based on an acrostic of my alphabet.

I found this exercise to focus my attention on hearing God. Psalm 111 contains praise of the LORD for His works in the life of the writer. I was inspired to express my own praise to God through the exercise of writing an acrostic. By listening to the conversation God desired to have with me, I was able to compose a “psalm,” of sorts, using the English alphabet for each new line. Over the course of the day, I completed the exercise through the letter “s” in the alphabet.

As I wrote, listening for the voice of God, I found myself drawn to “shepherd” imagery. The outcome of this imagery was a “psalm” that has themes familiar from Psalm 23, and other passages of Scripture that employ shepherd imagery. I was comforted as God revealed shepherd imagery to my mind, recognizing His continued provision for me, even when circumstances and surrounds appear dark and daunting (think: “the valley of the shadow of death”).

The opportunity to focus on God through the imagery of acrostic psalms was a helpful tool in creating space for me to commune with God.


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