Encouragement for the oft overlooked missionary

ICCMOur keynote speaker, Thad Hoskins, is really hitting it out of the park. He’s really wrestled with something just about every IT-minded Christian has struggled with, especially those doing IT stuff on the mission field: How can technology be ministry?

He’s had a lot of encouraging things to say, but one that really resonated with me was how tech-ministry is catalytic. Technology comes alongside ministry and enables it to work better, stronger and more efficiently. For example, it wasn’t too long ago that something like Skype didn’t exist. How has this technology improved the way the world communicates?

That’s the nature of technology in ministry. We come alongside the ministry and keep the computer lights on. We invent new ways to communicate the Gospel using new communication tools. We enable people to be Jesus to people in this ever-shrinking world. eDOT, my tech-ministry team, is in a prime place to advance God’s Kingdom on this planet in ever-increasing and more effective ways.