eDOTer of the Month: Meet Katie

Why I’m with eDOT:
After spending one of my college summers in Romania, the peoples of Europe were forever laid on my heart, and my eyes were opened to the reality of the church in Europe. Never before had I seen the Gospel so far out of reach, and I realized that I had long taken for granted the abundance of churches in North America. I had to do something.

Knowing my skills, background, and personality, though, I knew that I would not make the most effective candidate for planting churches, speaking to crowds, or doing a street ministry. I wanted to do those things, but I simply do not have those gifts.

Growing up in a family of awkwardly quiet and reserved artists and builders, I’ve always enjoyed design and problem solving. Studying literature in college only deepened my passion for analysis and creativity. No… church planting and street evangelism were not my avenue for making a difference in Europe – eDOT was.

Right now, most of my time is spent creating digital publications for various ministries in Europe (a wonderful combination of literature, problem solving, and design), as well as social media analysis and web design strategy. I absolutely love working for a ministry that is focused on assisting the church in Europe through creative and innovative ways.

Fun Fact:
I wasn’t always interested in harnessing my creative gene. In fact, there was a time that when I was asked what I wanted to be when I grew up my answer was, “A raccoon!” I mean… I really love raccoons.