Design Flaw | Why Design Matters

Design FlawDo you see the design flaw in this picture? It’s not big. It’s that little knob in the middle of the floor. I suspect that when the architect was designing the building, he didn’t think about the placement of the toilet being directly behind the door. When the construction worker was installing the door, he didn’t seem to consider opening the door from the other direction so that it wouldn’t whack the toilet when opened. Instead, they seem to have realized the problem after it was all said and done, and they had to install a little doorstop in the middle of the floor to keep the door from hitting the toilet. It’s not really that big of a deal … except when you stumble over it at the worst possible moment (which of course is when you have your pants around your ankles). I know from experience!

User focused design is a value eDOT holds. This is when, from the beginning, we consider how the user is going to use the app, website, eBook, or whatever technology we are working with. We want our products to be usable and functional. Unlike this bathroom, we try hard not to have “little” things that get in the way of the intended use. Now sometimes the technology doesn’t always work for us, but our intention is to strive to make this a forefront value in our projects. That’s why we have more UI/UX designers and instructional designers than we have coders!