C2C Story App

The C2C Story App (Creation to Christ Story) is a smartphone app designed as a Gospel bridge.  That is to say it’s a way to move from a secular conversation to a spiritual one.

As we’re meeting people and talking with others, they often tell us their story, right? Two ways to move the conversation to more spiritual things is to either tell your story (i.e. your testimony of how God has moved in your life) or to tell the story of some of God’s work on this earth through the Biblical “story” of Creation to Christ.

The Creation to Christ story is a Gospel bridge outlined in T4T, a discipleship multiplication training philosophy. Our sister ministry, GEMStone media, developed a series of images to visually represent different parts of the story. This visual representation helps keep you, the story teller, stay on track, keep focus, and it gives the listener a visual display of the work of God that you are describing.

eDOT has taken these visuals and put them into a smartphone app so that you can easily carry it with you for those unexpected “God Encounters”.

See more about the app at C2CStory.com

C2C Story Commercial from Jeff Gage on Vimeo.