an “inside” perspective

This summer, eDOT has had the privilege of partnering with a German ESL youth camp (read more about that here). We thank you for your prayers for this camp, and we are pleased to give you an “inside” perspective from the instructional designer, Jake:

“The first major project that I worked on was a curriculum based on the 3rd movie of the Chronicles of Narnia series. The curriculum was designed to be used by English as a second language camps. This curriculum was a partnership between eDOT and EuroTeam (another group within GEM that runs a lot of short-term teams).

This was the first curriculum that I have had a major role in creating of which I was not going to teach any part. That made me a bit nervous, but I had been trained to do this, so I was confident in my abilities and the abilities of my co-designer.

Nevertheless as the time came closer and closer to the actual camp, we both got a little more nervous. Then the camp came and I had the awesome privilege of seeing the curriculum in action and talking to some of the teachers and the director of the camp. They all were happy with the curriculum and everything went very well.

Now we are discussing the possibility of making this curriculum available to other camps who may want to use it. It is still in the discussion stages, but it might happen, which is pretty awesome!

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