5 Things You Need to Know Before Attending a Hackathon

We’ve shared a lot about our upcoming Hackathon and realize many of you may be curious as to what a Hackathon actually entails. In short, a Hackathon is an event in which multiple people meet to engage in collaborative computer programming. The event will often last several days and include long blocks of work time. When we asked the team what people need to know before attending a Hackathon, this is what they shared:
1. Sleep is for Sissies
Okay … not really. But you should be prepared for some late nights. Many Hackathons go 48 hours nonstop. The eDOT Hackathon this summer will have three separate “sprints” (work periods) that will each last for 2 days. We promise there will be opportunity for rest in between, but during the sprints, things get intense! Sleep if you need to, but the Hackathon runs nonstop.
2. Bring Your Own Computer
Pack a laptop already loaded with your favorite development and/or design software and code writing tools. If you’re traveling from a distance, be sure to check TSA guidelines for flying with laptop, and know that they may want to inspect it further. Having your own device with your favorite tools will make your Hackathon experience that much better.
3. Bring Your Own Snacks
All meals, a plethora of snacks and even energy drinks will be provided, but you might want to bring that one, must-have snack for that extra energy boost in between meals. Don’t have room in your suitcase or want to try something new? Use this as a reason to explore Germany. Shopping in a new country is an experience all on its own.
4. Bring Your Own Earplugs (and earbuds)
-For those mid-afternoon “power naps” in the midst of a busy office environment.
-For those times when you do sleep, but your suite-mate snores.
-For those times when you are “in the zone” but someone next to you won’t stop talking.
-For those time when you just have a hankerin’ for some music but don’t want to disrupt others.
… Perhaps this goes without saying, but in a Hackathon, you’re entering “The Introvert Zone”. People in this environment are going to appreciate having their quiet time and personal space.
5. Leave Your Ego at Home
There may be other ways “to do” something. Come willing to give input, share ideas, and encourage others … but also be willing to have your suggestion be fodder for a better solution. We all have things to share and areas to grow. A spirit of teamwork will go a long way.

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    *If you still have questions, we will be hosting Q&A on Facebook Live February 22nd at 11am ET (17:00 Central Europe). Submit your questions to hackathon@gemedot.com to hear them answered on Facebook.