Partnering with New Hope Church, Ukraine

eDOT has joined this team in setting up a Mobile Outreach Center in Zaporozhye, Ukraine. That is 8 laptop computers that we will be able to conduct computer classes with. These classes are designed to teach computer skills but as well we will use the classes to draw people to us so that we can share the truth of the Lord and invite non-believers to discipleship classes.

In the next few months we have scheduled two week long computer classes/outreaches in several remote villages. Then in the fall we will conduct the computer classes during the week at the center. We are praying many non-believers will come to these classes; this is a way for us to introduce them to the churches that will be offering the classes.

We also have several of the MOC computers setup in the center for people to come in and use like an Internet cafe. Wednesday evenings we’ve used the center for showing videos (Ones with a Christian theme) and afterwards a discussions time. And Friday evenings are set aside for a game nights using our foosball table, ping pong table and computer games to draw the youth to the center. Saturday evening is our church service time. The center is already a busy place and we are just getting started.