10 Things To Do in Kandern

#1 Get a view of the town

Photo: http://www.kandern.de/

Kandern may be small, but it offers a big view. Nestled at the base of the Black Forest, surrounded by  mountains, and peppered with hiking trails, there are plenty of photo ops in and around Kandern. Be sure to make the uphill hike and get a view looking down on the town. You won’t regret it.

#2 Enjoy the Beauty of the Black Forest

We have well over 20 trails that start in Kandern, allowing you to see some of the amazing beauty of the Black Forest! Walk to Castle Ruin or our closest mountain of 1165 meters high and enjoy a view of the Swiss Alps. Or walk to a fully refurbished Castle from 1762 or see the beauty of the rolling hills of the region.

#3 Relax in the Blumenplatz

photo: http://bz-ticket.de/blumenplatz-kandern

The Blumenplatz, or “Flower Place”, is the heart of the town. Local or tourist, you’re likely to end up here at some point in your day. If you’re going to be in town for the Hackathon this summer, there’s an open air concert here on July 1 (never mind that it’ll be in German).

#4 See a Castle

Photo: Schwarzwald Tourismus GmbH

Both Burg Rötteln and Sausenburg Burgruine are hike-able from Kandern. Both castles are a nice place to stop, as Sausenburg gives a nice view of the surrounding area, and Rötteln includes a small museum.

#5 Visit a WWI/WWII Monument

Photo: https://thebrightestandthedarkest.wordpress.com/tag/storks/

High up on a hilltop above Kandern, you can visit this WWI/WWII monument. This is yet another place to catch a great view of the town and of the German countryside. But it is also a very somber experience, allowing you to reflect on the lives lost in both world wars.

#6 Stop and Smell the Roses All the Flowers

The Germans do a lot of things well – including flowers. Despite not having the type of spacious lawns we Americans are used to, the German people find a way to utilize whatever dirt they can find and make it beautiful. Whether you have a green thumb or not, I promise: you’ll find yourself rudely sticking your nose into peoples homes to see how they managed to pull off such beauty.

#7 Take a ride on Kandern’s Old Steam Engine

Photo: www.kandertalbahn.de

Enjoy a journey back in time on one of the last remaining steam engines in Germany. Built in 1894, from Kandern to Haltingen, it cuts through the German countryside and is nice way to enjoy a relaxing Sunday afternoon.

#8 Step Over into France

Okay … sure … this is supposed to be about Kandern. But when France is 20 minutes by car, why not throw it in? Despite being so close, the difference between France and Germany is very noticeable. *Note* While it’s fun to pretend like you’re Belle from Beauty and the Beast and sing and dance through the streets, such actions are frowned upon. Trust me.

#9 See Switzerland

World Curling Foundation

Well, as long as we’re leaving the country … Basel, Switzerland is 30 minutes from Kandern. Located on the Rhine River, this medieval town offers a super scenic setting. Basel has 40 museums, several gardens, great boutiques, and countless photo opportunities.

#10 Eat Your Heart Out

This deserves a separate list of its own. Whether it’s at Döner, Nudelhüsli, Die kleine Kaffeestube or Fünfschilling, you’ll be eating at someone’s favorite place. Just make sure you get Spätzle at some point. Oh, and a big pretzel. Oh, and a Zucker Waffle. Oh, and … okay I can’t narrow it down.